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Diana Cervantes

Based in Brooklyn, NYC

Diana Cervantes is an Independent Visual Journalist based in New York City and her hometown of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Cervantes focuses on long-form visual narratives in conservation efforts, the environment, unique intimate bonds between humans and animals and human ties to the land. Her passion for animals and the environment drives her work from an intimate perspective often forming lasting bonds and working connections with the individuals who welcome her into their lives and work.Cervantes work has captured the plight of the wild horses in the small town of Placitas, New Mexico and most recently two long form bodies of work. A focus on urban oyster restoration in the New York Harbor by Billion Oyster Project, and the self-named Mother Pigeon who shares her bond with the pigeons in NYC. Additionally in 2020 Cervantes was selected as one of the International Women’s Media Foundation Gwen Ifill Mentorship Fellows. She was mentored by Photojournalist and Nikon Ambassador Ami Vitale. In 2022 she was selected to attend the Eddie Adams Workshop. She is also a member of: Argo Collective, The Authority Collective, Diversify Photo and Society of Environmental Journalists.



 The Lady of the Pigeons  This project focuses on...

The Lady of the Pigeons

This project focuses on capturing the special bond Tina Piña Trachtenburg – self named Mother Pigeon – shares with the many pigeons of New York City. Since the 1980's Mother Pigeon has dedicated her life to caring and advocating for these birds who are seen as vermin. From the way she dresses, to her artwork it is all driven by her passion for pigeons, whom she views as equals.

She cares for a flock of nearly 200 on the rooftop of her apartment in Brooklyn feeding them and tending to their needs. Which is a mere drop in the bucket compared to the believed one million pigeons that call NYC home. 

This documentary project's importance lies in creating an understanding of human to animal relationships and the need to understand how to coexist together. Whether it is in a sprawling urban area like NYC or in the suburbs, if we do not begin to foster an understanding of symbiosis, we may not change the course of our planet. 

I believe that it is in sharing unique tangible stories that will help us foster hope, sympathy, conversation, and action.
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