Jeremy Wade    Shockley     Based in Durango,...

Jeremy Wade Shockley

Based in Durango, Colorado

Jeremy Wade Shockley is an award-winning photojournalist and self-taught photographer who has been exploring foreign lands and cultures from an early age. He first picked up a camera while serving an architectural internship in the Colonial city of Cuenca, Ecuador. This immediately developed into a passion for documenting the world around him. Jeremy returned to the United States in order to finish a degree in architecture at the University of Colorado. Shortly thereafter, he embarked on a two year Peace Corps assignment in the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho. In addition to continuing his work in Latin America and Africa, Jeremy has been documenting the American West for more than a decade. In recent years, he has turned his lens toward Northern New Mexico, expanding on his experience growing up in the Southwest.

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 Climate Change in the West North America is facing the...

Climate Change in the West

North America is facing the same challenges brought about by climate change as the rest of the world, and in the American West in particular, people are facing the consequences of rising temperatures literally at home, often head on. While the West is less populated than many other regions in North America, the people here are closely tied to the landscape. The West is more than geography, for many this is there only home — culturally, spiritually and physically.

Photos By: Jeremy Wade Shockley

 Faith and forgiveness on the road to Chimayo It is said...

Faith and forgiveness on the road to Chimayo

It is said that the earth under this historic church is sacred ground, imbued with healing properties. These properties, and attributed miracles of physical healing, have been drawing the faithful to this community chapel for over a century. Early Chimayo settler, Don Bernardo Abeyta, first built the Santuario’s thick adobe walls in 1816. Each spring pilgrims make the annual pilgrimage to this holy site, breathing life into the small community. Some trek for days, travelling from as far off as Albuquerque, or Santa Fe on foot. Others make their way up the road from the neighboring town of Española.

Photos By: Jeremy Wade Shockley

 Historic Silverton Built on the legacy of mining, a...

Historic Silverton

Built on the legacy of mining, a small Colorado town puts its faith in tourism, thriving together as a seasonal community. The town of Silverton is located 45 min north of Durango, Colo. nestled deep in the San Juan Mountains and founded along the Million Dollar Highway, with a population of around 650 residents. The town relies heavily on business from the Historic Durango Silverton narrow gauge railroad, which brings visitors into town all summer long. Old Time photography, rustic taverns and curio shops make up the economic drivers for this sleepy community during those four short months of summer. Never-the-less the local population is resilient, and above all optimistic. New breweries take shape along the main thoroughfare, alongside cafés and historic hotels, reinvigorated each season through tourism dollars.  

Photos By: Jeremy Wade Shockley


Streets of Guanajuato

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