Chris Rusanowsky      Based in Dallas, Texas...

Chris Rusanowsky

Based in Dallas, Texas

Chris Rusanowsky works as a still and multi-media-based photographer. His focuses are of News related stories and long-term editorial projects. Currently, Rusanowsky is taking assignments in the United States.

Past Clients
NEW YORK POST - PUNCH Magazine - VOX Media - The Times UK - Yahoo News - EP Europe Press -Le Point - Walsworth Publishing Co. - DPA - The American Legion - Wallstreet Journal - Farming UK - E&E News - NPR - NBC Channel 5 - CNN - News Photographer Magazine - The Dallas Morning News - Bavaria - DR News - El Diario - El Boletin - Ilta Sanomat - The Telegraph UK, 35 West Magazine, Canyon Falls Community News, Convey Studios, Evening Standard, Mother Jones, The Guardian, BLID Germany, Daily Mail, USA Today, Daily Bulletin, OC Register, Desert Sun News, The Sprawl Blog, ZUMA Press, Southern California News Group, Samson Productions, Intersection Journal, Adams Photography, Mining Photography, White Memorial Medical Center, Famous Stars & Straps, Voyage LA Magazine, Street PX, Viewfind Magazine, The Photo Bridge, Dodho Magazine, National Geographic, Peta Pixel, Bakken Oil Business Journal, Bakken News, GOMC Magazine, Dream Within Org, War Cry Magazine, Wild River Press, Filipino Reporter, Global Betia

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 Nature of Fire Photos & Text By: Chris Rusanowsky...

Nature of Fire

Photos & Text By: Chris Rusanowsky

The state of California faced its worst fire season in history. One of the worst fires in Los Angeles and Ventura County was the Woolsey Fire. This wildfire burned; 96,949 acres and destroyed 1,643 structures. Three people were reported to have died in the blaze, and over a quarter-million evacuated.

 Oil Boom Boys Photographs & Text By: Chris...

Oil Boom Boys

Photographs & Text By: Chris Rusanowsky

North Dakota has become the center of conversation for a more energy-efficient move for the United States. With the discovery of oil in "The Bakken Shale" and hydraulic fracing, people from all over the country migrated to the rural towns of North Dakota. The rumors are almost hard to believe that you could make six figures as a roughneck attracted most of the new occupants. Most of the oil field workers were male and would find themselves living in overpriced "man camps" provided by oil companies. The struggles of depression, fatigue, and below-zero weather would make or break these men's charter.

 Growing with Tradition Photos By Chris Rusanowsky...

Growing with Tradition

Photos By Chris Rusanowsky

Weatherford became a focus of many during 2020 when the protest broke out across America when a Minialpolus Police Officer murdered George Floyd. People started to ask questions about racism in America, and police brutality would be asked about on every media platform. Confederate Monuments would also stand in the crosshairs of the protests. Weatherford has a confederate soldier statue sitting on the county courthouse lawn. In July 2020, a large demonstration occurred with people from Weatherford and people from outside cities like Dallas.


 Dallas Riots On May 29, 2020, Dallas erupted in mass...

Dallas Riots

On May 29, 2020, Dallas erupted in mass protests, as did many large cities around the country. A video went viral of a man named George Floyd being killed in public by Minneapolis Police. Dallas was one of the cities that faced days of protest and riots on city streets. Dallas Police used tear gas, rubber bullets, and pepper balls to control and disperse the crowds. In Dallas, the protest began peacefully without violence; men and women of all colors marched the streets chanting “No Justice, No Peace” and “Black Lives Matter.”

Photographs & Text By: Chris Rusanowsky

 Beheading the Serpent Photos & Text By Chris...

Beheading the Serpent

Photos & Text By Chris Rusanowsky

The Sweetwater Rattlesnake Roundup was created to control the growing number of rattlesnakes that call home to farmlands, pasters, and cattle ranches. Every year rattlesnake hunters bring in thousands of snakes that will be killed, skinned, and sold on the market. Visitors will witness the bloody acts that Jaycees’ members performed to educate and show off these animals’ killings. While some of its curl and the snakes feel this pain minutes after being killed, others look at it as an old tradition passed on for sixty-two years.


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